Alison Ollerenshaw

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Health justice partnerships: initial insights into the delivery of an integrated health and legal service for youth in regional Victoria

This article presents interim findings from research examining the implementation of a health justice partnership (HJP) focusing on the legal and health needs of regional young people. HJPs provide an innovative service model offering an integrated health and legal service for the community.
Journal article

Making the invisible visible: the impact of federating groundwater data in Victoria, Australia

The Visualising Victoria's Groundwater (VVG) web portal federates groundwater data for the State of Victoria, Australia, thus making legacy data, government datasets, research data and community sourced data and observations visible to the public. The portal is innovative because it was developed outside of the...
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Priority setting in primary health care: a framework for local catchments

Managers and staff in primary health care partnerships in local catchments, particularly in regional areas, are periodically required to work collaboratively to set health priorities. Setting priorities involves making decisions about which health needs are most important and what programs will be funded to address...
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13 Days and Counting: A Mutual Support Model for Young, Homeless Women in Crisis

An innovative program in rural Victoria matches young homeless women with older homeless women and provides them with a range of support services.The result is more stability in the accommodation setting, mutual benefit and satisfaction for clients, and impressive rates of permanent housing outcomes.