Catriona Mirrlees-Black

Briefing paper

Conducting legal need surveys in the Australian context: challenges and options

This paper provides an overview of the options for, and challenges of, conducting legal needs surveys in Australia. It highlights the factors which must be taken into account when designing a cost-effective survey to support the delivery of effective legal assistance services.
Briefing paper

An indicator of need for community legal centres: introducing NLAS(CLC)

In 2018, the Law and Justice Foundation developed a resource which provided tabulation of data on legal needs for each generalist community legal centres (CLC) catchment. To best meet the requirements of the CLC sector, a bespoke measure of legal need was developed for inclusion...
Briefing paper

Locating demand: updating the Need for Legal Assistance Services indicators

In 2015 the Foundation developed the Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) indicators. These provide a census-based measure of the geographic distribution of potential demand for not-for-profit legal assistance services from organisations such as legal aid commissions and community legal centres. Following the release by...

Data insights in civil justice: NSW Supreme Court

The foundation was engaged by the Department of Justice NSW to investigate the quality and utility of each court and tribunal’s data in informing policy and practice. This report focuses on Supreme Court data.

Evidence of legal need in NSW

This report has been prepared to provide evidence of legal need in New South Wales to assist the implementation of the Cameron Review in 2018. The evidence in this report builds on over twenty years of legal needs research undertaken by the foundation and others...