Robert Atkinson


The future of the Internet and broadband... and how to enable it

After 35 years of use, the Internet is reaching its design limits. The next 35 years of networking require a new architecture that can maintain the accepted services such as the Web as well as innovative new services that haven't yet been deployed. Increased US...

The UK's digital road to recovery

In this report, ITIF & LSE Enterprise estimate the impact on employment in the United Kingdom of additional investment in three important technologies: broadband Internet, intelligent transportation systems, and the smart grid.
Journal article

The role of competition in a national broadband policy

There is perhaps no issue more central to the debate about broadband policy than the state and role of competition. Indeed, the issue of competition drives many of the debates over broadband, including net neutrality, wireless spectrum auctions, municipal broadband, and unbundling proposals. Although some...