Emma Partridge


Tracking progress in prevention

The report demonstrates that Australia’s approach to primary prevention is based on sound evidence, showing encouraging signs of progress and heading in the right direction.

Change the story: a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia

No country in the world has a national, evidence-based road map to prevent violence against women and their children in a coordinated way. Our Watch partnered with VicHealth and ANROWS to create this publication.
Conference paper

Experiencing the toxic city: effects of contamination and its remediation on individuals and communities in urban Australia

International research suggests that the health impacts for individuals and communities living near contaminated sites are significant and complex and extend beyond the risk of immediate physical harm to impact on the psychological health of both individuals and communities.

How well does Australian democracy serve sexual and gender minorities?

Whilst there has been considerable progress in the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in recent decades, this report highlights the extent to which significant inequalities persist, particularly in respect of relationship recognition.