Geoffrey Lawrence


Local government, mining companies and resource development in regional Australia

This report summarises the findings from a two-year research project into the governance challenges posed by large scale resource development in mining-intensive regions of Australia. Unlike the narrower term government, governance applies in situations where authority and responsibility for the tasks of governing - including...
Journal article

Guest editorial: Rural Governance in Australia: changing forms and emerging actors

For more than two decades now, we have witnessed an increased complexity in the way contemporary rule is exercised in Australia - and elsewhere - as a growing range of community, business and other non-government actors become increasingly involved in processes of decision-making and service...
Conference paper

Multi-sectoral collaboration in central Queensland: bringing the state back in?

The current trend towards collaborative governance and community engagement has recently seen the emergence of more active and interventionist governments. This paper suggests that these new forms of governance reflect governments' desires to govern better by continuously considering who should be governed, how they should...
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Supermarket Own Brands, Supply Chains and the Transformation of the Agri-food System

The growth in consumption of supermarket 'own brand' food lines is having a significant impact on the organization and management of agri-food supply chains. In past decades, first-generation supermarket own brands were usually produced by established processing companies, which simply put a supermarket label on...
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Biotechnology and sustainable agriculture in Central Queensland

Within Australia, both State and Federal governments have exhibited support for biotechnology. Agriculture is currently considering whether to embrace new biotechnologies. Sustainable development means that economic growth should be promoted but guided in ways that are both environmentally benign and socially just. Does biotechnology offer...