Christophe Andre


A bird's eye view of OECD housing markets

Housing markets have played a prominent role in macroeconomic developments over recent years. For a great part of the 2000s, buoyant housing markets have contributed to sustained economic activity in most OECD countries. But many markets overheated and the collapse of the US subprime mortgage...
Working paper

Health status determinants: lifestyle, environment, health care resources and efficiency

This paper aims to shed light on the contribution of health care and other determinants to the health status of the population and to provide evidence on whether or not health care resources are producing similar value for money across OECD countries. First, it discusses...

Has the rise in debt made households more vulnerable?

This paper shows that the major part of the historically high debt level in OECD countries is held by higher-income households, who also spend a smaller proportion of their disposable income servicing debts. Whether the situation remains benign or not is discussed in the final...