Mark Byrne


Submission to Garnaut climate change review

PIAC's response to the Garnaut Climate Change Review: interim report arises principally from its Energy + Water Consumers' Advocacy Program. PIAC supports the introduction of a 'cap and trade' scheme for reducing emissions as the option most likely to meet targets set for emissions reduction...

The curly question

Human beings have an innate need to find meaning in their lives. The trouble is, the things that people used to rely on to give their lives meaning — for the most part family, work and religion — are losing their grip for many in...

Justice and reconciliation in East Timor: Australia and the CAVR

This booklet has been produced to give Australians a better understanding of Chega!, the final report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste (CAVR), especially as it relates to Australia. The CAVR was one of four major transitional justice processes that have...

The trouble with happiness

Numerous surveys in recent years have shown that more money doesn’t make us happier, and good relationships are the greatest contributor to wellbeing. However, what if the quest for happiness is part of the problem: one more manifestation of Baby Boomer narcissism; or even a...

Roads to reconciliation

Mark Byrne examines the experience of transitional justice processes in South Africa and East Timor. He asks what lessons might there be from the truth commissions in these countries for reconciliation within Australia. He argues that to see ourselves as we have seen South Africa...