Andrew Macintosh


Report of the expert panel examining additional sources of low cost abatement

The recommendations outlined in this report are intended to help Australia exceed its current international commitments and create a pathway for ongoing emissions reductions beyond 2030 to meet future commitments under the Paris Agreement.
Technical report

Regulating plastic shopping bags in the Australian Capital Territory: Plastic Shopping Bag Ban Act 2010 options analysis

Plastics are synthetic materials made from a range of organic polymers that are capable of being moulded when soft. Most plastics are currently made from fossil fuels, typically the by-products from the processing of oil or natural gas. However, there are now a range of...
Briefing paper

Not leading the nation - NAPLAN performance of ACT's high socio-economic schools

This report exposes the systemic failure of the ACT's primary education system and offers recommendations on how to rejuvenate the sector.

Logging or carbon credits

Background For several decades, the alternative commercial and economic uses and management of Australia’s native forests have generated considerable debate. In the past five years, this debate has sharpened as the native forest sector has contracted in response to increased competition in international and domestic...

Limp, Leap or Learn? Developing legal frameworks for climate change adaptation planning in Australia

Abstract Settlements in coastal and bushfire prone areas across Australia face major challenges in adapting to potential climate change impacts. This report identifies the range of legal tools and instruments that can be used to influence the spatial distribution and nature of land use and...