Richard Percival


Impact of home based long term care on informal carers

Well coordinated and integrated home based care is an efficient and cost effective model for providing long term care. There is, however, emerging evidence to suggest that family members pay a price for taking on long term care responsibilities at home.

Lifetime health and economic consequences of caring: modelling health and economic prospects of female carers in Australia

Home-based care provided by family members is the most common form of caring for people with disabilities in Australia. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that this model of care is generating enormous health and financial consequences for informal carers. Carers are experiencing high stress...

A growing gap? Trends in economic wellbeing at the top of the spectrum in Australia

This study shows that there has been rapid change in many of the characteristics of households in the top decile group of the Australian income distribution over the decade to 2005-06. Compared to ten years earlier, the heads of households at the top of the...

Honey, I calculated the kids... it's $537,000: Australian child costs in 2007

The 18th AMP/NATSEM Income and Wealth Report finds that a typical Australian family spends $537,000 on raising two children from birth to 21 years. This is 23 per cent of household income, the same percentage as a broadly comparable family in 2002. The 18th AMP.NATSEM...

Costs of children

Commissioned by the Ministerial Taskforce on Child Support, this is a collection of three reports on the costs of children in Australian families: 'The estimated costs of children in Australian families in 2005–06'; 'Updated costs of children using Australian budget standards; and 'Costs of children...
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