Andrew Geddis

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Assisted dying and evidence-based law-making: a critical analysis of an article’s role in New Zealand’s referendum

Aim: To critically analyse the reliability of an article which claims to be evidence that the End of Life Choice Act 2019 provides a “potential hotspot for family, community and social discord that may not be easily remedied” should the legislation receive public support in...

Politics and money

Political parties and elections cost money to run. Who should pay and how should we manage the risks that come along with political donations? Rear Vision compares the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand systems.

Direct democracy in NZ and Switzerland: lessons for Australia

Australians are referendum reluctant. Only eight out of forty-four constitutional referendums have succeeded. In Switzerland the population votes four times year, on about ten different direct democracy initiatives. New Zealand referenda are not as regular but this week our kiwi cousins are voting on whether...
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Policy Quarterly: a focus on regulation

This issue of Policy Quarterly features two symposia, the first dealing with New Zealand’s regulatory system and the second that discussed the NZ Constitutional Advisory Panel report’s recommendations including amending the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. The system for assuring high quality regulation...

Election funding in New Zealand

This paper reviews New Zealand's system of election funding in the light of the 2005 election. A series of serious breaches of the rules by several parties have been documented, but with little prospect of punishment. Enforcement of the rules is weak, with breaches treated...