Dale Daniels


Student income support: a chronology

This paper is a reference tool for those needing to locate specific changes quickly and place them in their chronological context, rather than a definitive history of income support for student in Australia.

Social security payments for people caring for children, 1912 to 2008: a chronology

The Department of Family and Community Services makes, or has made in the past, a number of payments for children and child carers. This paper provides a short history of the development of these payments and a chronology of changes to each payment from their...

Trends in the receipt of income support by workforce age people 1978 to 2007

Over the last 30 years there have been major economic, demographic and social changes in Australia. These changes, together with associated government income support policy responses, have been important factors driving trends in the proportion of workforce age people receiving income support. This background note...

Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare to Work) Bill 2005

In this Bill Digest, Dale Daniels and Katrina Gunn outline the main provisions of the legislation, which amends previous legislation concerning the work/training/study test that determines the maximum number of hours of child care for which Child Care Benefit may be paid. The amendments will...

Social security payments for the unemployed, the sick and those in special circumstances, 1942 to 2004

The Department of Social Security makes, or has made in the past, a number of payments for able bodied workforce aged people. This paper traces the history of each of these payments from their introduction to the present day. A brief history is provided to...