Michael Priestley

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Australia's free trade agreements

There has been a significant proliferation of bilateral free trade agreements. This background note examines the impact of the agreements thus far concluded and their trade impact on Australia.There has been a significant proliferation of bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) in recent history, particularly FTAs...

Country of origin labelling: Are consumers willing to pay more for Australian products?

Draft food labelling rules were released by Food Standards Australia New Zealand on 12 August 2005 amid calls for mandatory country of origin labelling. The role of labels in marketing origin-based agricultural products is becoming increasingly important as the major food retailers and food outlets...

Anti-dumping rules and the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement

For China, a recurring issue affecting bilateral trade relations is Australia's anti-dumping rules. Over the last decade, imports from China have been subject to more anti-dumping action than those from any major industrialised or developing country. Michael Priestley examines Australia's anti-dumping rules as they apply...

The 5 per cent tariff on four-wheel-drive vehicles

A customs duty anomaly that has periodically attracted interest is the 5 per cent tariff on imported four- wheel-drive vehicles (4WDs) compared to a 15 per cent tariff on imported passenger motor vehicles (PMVs). The tariff rate differential exists because there is no tariff classification...