Megan Davis

Professor Megan Davis is Pro Vice Chancellor Indigenous UNSW. Megan is a Professor of Law and an Acting Commissioner of the NSW Land and Environment Court. Professor Davis is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law and a member of the NSW Sentencing Council.

Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must involve structural change, not mere symbolism

Megan Davis writes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples do not seek symbolism, and certainly not in the constitution, which distributes power across the federation. They seek change that can make a concrete difference to their lives.

Family is Culture: review report

This review is aimed at examining the high rates of Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care (OOHC) in New South Wales and the implementation of the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle (ACPP) in this jurisdiction.

Australia lags behind in Indigenous political participation: expert

This week marks ten years since the United Nations adopted its first Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
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Listening but not hearing

Journal article

Indigenous constitutional recognition from the point of view of self-determination and its exercise through democratic participation

INTRODUCTION: This paper is on Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and its exercise through democratic participation. First, I will expound on why the right to self-determination—as configured in international law, translated by many states and adopted by Indigenous communities—enhances liberal democratic governance. Then I will...