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State of the disability sector report 2016

The principles on which the NDIS is founded remain compelling and inspiring. Doubling the funding for disability support to rectify the chronic under-supply of services, choice and control for people with disability and their families, an insurance approach that focuses on early intervention and building...

State of the disability sector report 2017

Most of the findings in this report are based on the 2017 Annual Market Survey, which saw 516 disability service providers share their experiences. The survey focuses on the 2016-17 financial year, and highlights the key concerns of the sector, as well as what’s needed...

How to be disability inclusive

Every Australian has a role to play in creating positive change and breaking down barriers. This paper is a guide to disability inclusion - to promote living and working in an accessible world.

State of the disability sector report 2019

This 2019 edition of the NDS's report finds that while operating conditions might have improved, serious issues around pricing, sustainability and regulations continue to present great challenges for the disability services sector.

State of the disability sector report 2014

Introduction NDS is pleased to present the first State of the Disability Sector report. Far-reaching reforms are under way – or on the horizon – in the disability sector. Organisations face large planning and investment decisions. This report is designed to assist CEOs and directors...

Report to the COAG Disability Reform Council for Q1 of Y4

Introduction A legislative requirement of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in the National Disability Insurance (NDIS) Act 2013 ( Section 174 ) is: The Board members must prepare a report on operations of the Agency for each period of 3 months starting on 1...

State of the disability sector report 2018

The 2018 report finds that while disability service providers remain committed to the NDIS, the majority (73 per cent) believe its systems and processes need urgent improvement. Other challenges include policy uncertainty, unrealistic pricing and costly red tape which is driving up the cost of...

People with disability and COVID-19

People with Disability Australia asked people with disability to tell them about their experiences over the last two months, and this report sets out those findings.
Discussion paper

Specialist disability accommodation position paper on draft pricing and payments

Following national consultation on the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Pricing and Payments framework, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released the SDA Position Paper on Draft Pricing and Payments. The paper is designed to provide advice to the market and to give stakeholders the...

State of the disability sector report 2015

Summary The State of the Disability Sector report includes a business confidence survey which shows that most disability service providers are cautiously optimistic and plan to grow in the next six months; but a high proportion think that government agencies are not working closely enough...