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Cancer incidence and socioeconomic status: a brief summary

Socioeconomic status is a strong predictor of many health outcomes. However, with cancer it is a far more complicated picture.

Australia’s Health Tracker by socio-economic status 2017

This report card looks at the health of adult Australians by socio-economic status in relation to chronic diseases, risk factors and rates of death.

Australia’s Health Tracker by socioeconomic status 2021

This report card looks at the health of adult Australians by socioeconomic status in relation to preventable chronic diseases, the major risk factors for chronic diseases and premature deaths from those diseases and suicide.
Conference paper

Removing the effects of socioeconomic status on the geographic distribution of asthma events

Recent research in Perth, Western Australia has found that the risk of emergency department presentation for asthma is higher among children who live closer to major urban centres such as Perth and Fremantle. However, an increase in socio-economic status is also strongly associated with proximity...

Review of the socio-economic status score methodology: final report

This report examines how socio-economic status (SES) scores are calculated for non-government schools, which informs the base level of taxpayer funding they receive. The report recommends technical changes to one element of the formula used to distribute funding for non-government schools and systems, based on...
Discussion paper

Occasional Paper 7: Quality ratings by socio-economic status of areas

This occasional paper is the seventh in a series about the National Quality Framework (NQF). It shares detailed analysis and insights into the quality of children’s education and care services based on the socio‑economic status of their location.
Journal article

Closing the (incarceration) gap: assessing the socio-economic and clinical indicators of Indigenous males by lifetime incarceration status

This article investigates the presence and extent of an ‘incarceration gap’ with Indigenous Australian males, and to uncover which social factors characterise the disparity.

Regional participation: the role of socioeconomic status and access

This report provides information on the factors affecting participation of regional students in Australian universities, and particularly the relative importance of socioeconomic status and access to university in influencing higher education participation across regions.
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Review of the socio-economic status score methodology: issues paper

Socio-economic status (SES) scores provide a relative ranking of all non-government schools based on the income, education and occupation characteristics of the areas in which students at each school reside. The National School Resourcing Board is calling for written submissions to inform their consideration of...

Facilitating success for students from low socioeconomic status at regional universities

This report outlines the findings from a national study commissioned by the Australian government to determine the high-level factors that impact on the success and retention of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds at regional universities. The study found that the eight factors were: