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Fertility and family policy in Australia

The fertility rate in Australia, like almost all OECD countries, is below the level required for population replacement. This paper provides an overview of trends in fertility in Australia and the potential implications of these trends. The fertility rate in Australia, like almost all OECD...

Family statistics and trends: Trends in couple dissolution

An examination of trends concerning the dissolution of marriages and cohabiting relationships.The ways in which Australians form couple relationships have changed dramatically in the 20th century: marriage rates have fallen, those who marry do so at later ages, couples increasingly live together before marrying, and...

Pathways from cohabitation

Ruth Weston, Lixia Qu and David de Vaus examine the factors that discriminate between cohabiting couples who choose to marry, those who choose to separate, and those who continue to cohabit. They use three waves of data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in...

Working together to care for kids

Many Australian carers are grandparents caring for vulnerable relatives living out-of-home and they are not getting the support services they need, according to this research report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Direct cross‑examination in family law matters

This report explores quantitative and qualitative data relevant to direct cross‑examination involving self-represented litigants in family law matters.

An update on partnership formation trends: What does the 2006 Census suggest?

This update from the recently-released Census data highlights the fact that the future marital status patterns of today’s young people may well differ from the current marital status patterns of older people. Partnership formation trends are continuing in the same direction as that which was...

Allegations of family violence and child abuse in family law children's proceedings: a pre-reform exploratory study

The report is a benchmark study based on data relating to a period prior to the 2006 reforms to the family law system and will be used to assist in evaluating aspects of the reforms. It provides some challenging findings about the frequency of allegations...

Experiences and effects of life events. Evidence from two Australian longitudinal studies

This article examines particular types of events that may occur at different stages of life and may have consequences for the wellbeing of those involved such as serious personal injury/ illness, serious injury/illness or death of a family member, relationship changes, and changes related to...

Households and families

This fact sheet focuses on some changes relating to Australian household and family forms.


Many changes have occurred in Australia since the establishment of the Australian Institute of Families Studies in 1980. This fact sheet outlines some of the changes in the housing arrangements of Australian families during this time.