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After the siren: the community benefits of Indigenous participation in Australia Rules Football

This report highlights the broader role AFL can play in a community, by being the conduit through which community programs targeted at health and safety can be delivered, and the means through which communities can be brought together.

Assessing the value of additional years of schooling for the non-academically inclined

This new report based on data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth questions whether completing Year 12 benefits all young people. Alfred Michael Dockery argues that alternative pathways and institutional arrangements need to be available to meet the varying needs, abilities and preferences of...

Housing assistance programmes and their contribution to poverty and unemployment traps

Housing assistance (HA) interventions not only aim to meet housing needs they also aim to contribute to improved social and economic outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

Housing and children's development and wellbeing

The aim of this scoping study is to review the existing literature on the connections between housing and childhood development and wellbeing and to investigate the value and feasibility of conducting empirical research in the Australian context. Specifically, the research questions addressed are:

Future-proofing the WA economy

Diversifying Western Australia’s economy to develop emerging new sectors including defence, lithium, big data and tourism would create more than 163,000 new jobs in Western Australia within the next five years, according to this report.

Cultural dimensions of Indigenous participation in education and training

This study provides an important innovation to the existing literature by explicitly attempting to measure 'cultural attachment' and its relationship with post-compulsory education and training. The preservation of Indigenous cultures is a controversial issue in Australia. On the one hand, the maintenance of traditional Indigenous...

Finding a place to call home

This publication explores the profile and evolution of immigration in Australia over recent years, and undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the contributions immigrants make to Australia’s social and economic development.
Briefing paper

Potential job losses in the COVID-19 pandemic

This research brief looks at potential job losses in the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on which workers will be immediately impacted, national and state job losses, industry breakdowns and the potential unemployment rate.
Conference paper

Why do home-owners do better?

Focussing on indicators of physical and mental health, life satisfaction and, for youth, educational attainment, this paper employs a range of strategies to test competing hypotheses relating to causal mechanisms and selection effects associated with home-ownership.
Briefing paper

Working from home in the COVID-19 lockdown

This briefing paper reviews research on working from home and how it affects workers and families to offer some insights on the potential benefits and pitfalls of this COVID-19 induced shift in working patterns.