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Stay-at-home fathers in Australia

Around 80,000 Australian families now have a stay-at-home dad at the helm, according to this research released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

The employment dynamics of women with not-employed partners

Labour force data shows that the employment rate of women who have not-employed partners is lower than partnered women with employed partners. To help to understand why the employment rates might be lower in families with not-employed husbands, Jennifer Baxter analyses women's labour force data...
Briefing paper

Diverse families making a difference

This facts sheet is about the diverse range of families in which Australians live and the diverse ways in which they provide support to one another. Families are very diverse and take many shapes and forms. They also typically extend across a number of households...

The tyranny of distance? Carers in regional and remote areas of Australia

This important research is the first to examine the geographic spread, age profile and social, health and economic wellbeing of carers in regional and remote Australia.

Breastfeeding and infants' time use

Being breastfed during infancy is known to improve developmental outcomes, but the pathways by which this occurs remain unclear. One possible yet unexplored mechanism is that breastfed infants may spend their time differently to infants who are not breastfed. This paper analyses infants' time use...

An exploration of the timing and nature of parental time with 4-5 year olds using Australian children's time use data

Parental time with children contributes to children's development and is positively associated with children's wellbeing. However, the amount of parent-child shared time does not necessarily capture its "quality". Parents, in their time with children, might be teaching them, encouraging and nurturing them and physically caring...

Fathering in Australia among young couple families with young children

This report aims to increase understanding of the many ways in which fathers in couple families with young children contribute to family life, through the study of their time investment with children, their supportiveness as partners, their financial contribution, their parenting behaviours and styles, and...

Mothers and fathers with young children: paid employment, caring and wellbeing

The paper examines how the use of child care, the time parents spend with children, and parental wellbeing relate to parental employment. It looks at four themes: the labour force status and job characteristics of parents with young children; patterns of use of child care...

Families make all the difference: helping kids to grow and learn

This fact sheet provides a range of information on ways in which families nurture and support children's physical, learning and social emotional development. The focus of this fact sheet is on families with children aged up to around 11 years old. It presents analyses and...

Experiences and effects of life events. Evidence from two Australian longitudinal studies

This article examines particular types of events that may occur at different stages of life and may have consequences for the wellbeing of those involved such as serious personal injury/ illness, serious injury/illness or death of a family member, relationship changes, and changes related to...