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Community consultation and the ‘hard to reach’: concepts and practice in Victorian local government

This report discusses various models of community consultation and documents why there is currently such enthusiasm for community consultation at the local and state level in Victoria. The report also includes new research about practical approaches in Victoria to reaching people who may be disengaged...
Case study

Social policy during the coronavirus recession: a fairytale with an unhappy ending?

This paper is about the social policy response to the coronavirus recession in Australia, during the period from the beginning of March to the end of October 2020.

Identifying assistance to sustain low to moderate income private rental tenancies

The private rental sector has grown significantly and is now home to more than 1.8 million Australian households. This growth has been linked to higher demand from households who are taking longer to save for a house deposit, as well as more strictly rationed public...

The Australian private rental sector: changes and challenges

This project responds to the need for more up to date information about the state of private rental markets and in particular the effects on households of long term private rental.

The benefits and risks of home ownership for low-moderate income households

The study emanated from a concern that popular and political support for home ownership is such that critical questions about the degree to which all home owners realise the projected financial and non-financial benefits of home ownership are rarely asked.
Discussion paper

The residual income approach to housing affordability: the theory and the practice

The residual income approach to housing affordability is one that looks at what different household types can afford to spend on housing after taking into account the other necessary expenditures of living. It is an alternative to benchmark measures of affordability as used in social...

Entering rental housing

In the final report of a project which surveyed households entering social housing and rent-assisted private renters, Terry Burke, Caroline Neske and Liss Ralston discuss client aspirations and needs in relation to the two major forms of housing assistance provided by government in Australia.