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New to Australia? Good luck! Migrants can no longer afford ‘gateway’ suburbs

The concentration of disadvantaged people in certain parts of cities is almost always seen as undesirable by urban researchers and policymakers. But is this always the case?

Australian national strata data 2018

This comprehensive national report of the strata and community title sector reveals there are about 2.6 million strata title lots in Australia with an insured value of close to $1 trillion. The report highlights the economic value of the sector to the national economy and...
Conference paper

Inequitable density: the place of lower-income and disadvantaged residents in the compact city

Compact city policies have become planning orthodoxy over the past three decades. But compact city development takes many forms, and the compact city concept often obscures a diverse range of social, economic and environmental outcomes of urban densification. In Australia the compact city agenda has...

Secure occupancy in rental housing: conceptual foundations and comparative perspectives

This report is concerned with the nature of housing occupancy for households that rent, particularly low-income and vulnerable households.

Renewing the compact city: interim report

Across Australia, city planners are focusing on urban renewal as a major driver for change both to provide additional housing for growing urban populations and to implement widely accepted principles of sustainability. The dominant model involves renewal of existing urban areas along transport corridors and...

Renewing the compact city

The aim of this project was to explore equitable and viable solutions to what has emerged as a fundamental issue facing Australian cities in coming decades: how to effectively, efficiently and inclusively redevelop older areas of privately owned multi‐unit strata titled housing to achieve the...
Conference paper

The consequences of the creative class: the pursuit of creativity strategies in Australia's cities

The paper frames the potential benefits and pitfalls of incorporating creative cities ideas into urban governance structures and their reception by community and NGO groups, both in terms of the incorporation of these ideas into policy and practice, and in terms of their unintended social...
Conference paper

Governing the compact city: the governance of strata title developments in Sydney

This paper addresses the governance of Strata Title developments, in the context of current metropolitan planning strategies based on increased higher density urban consolidation in Australia.

Downsizing amongst older Australians: final report

This research aimed to understand more fully the phenomenon of downsizing in the Australian context including: the extent of downsizing amongst older Australians; who downsizes and why; and what is involved in the process. Executive summary Context