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Counting the costs: planning requirements, infrastructure contributions, and residential development in Australia

This study represents a first step in establishing a qualitative understanding of the ways in which planning regulation has impacted on housing developments across 15 local jurisdictions in three Australian states. The findings confirm that planning system complexity and ambiguity is associated with significant costs...

Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis

The clichés about housing supply and regulatory restraints are distractions from the need to focus on expanding the affordable housing sector to directly meet the needs of low-income households.
Blog post

Value sharing for affordable housing

The recent inclusion of Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) in the draft district pans for metropolitan Sydney marks a turning point in the debates – and hopefully the policies – on the possibility of accessing some of the value generated by property development to generate new affordable...

Where do low-income private renters live?

Low-income private renters are increasingly to be found in the middle and outer suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, according to this Research and Policy Bulletin based on research by Bill Randolph and Darren Holloway.

Getting a job: the role of rental housing assistance

The federal government's 'welfare reform' agenda recognises the potential importance of housing in the overall structure of welfare and tax reform but has not addressed this issue in any depth. In this paper Kath Hulse and Bill Randolph attempt to fill a part of this...
Conference paper

Changing spatial structure

Is the Australian city entering a new configuration? Or is it just more of the existing trends? This paper provides an overview of recent trends in Australian cities’ structure and the dynamics of change.

Australian experts' views of housing in the economy: abstract dreamings or real directions?

This report analyses the expert opinions of leading economists and other senior housing market specialists on interrelationships between the housing system, economic performance, and wealth distribution in Australia.
Technical report

The Australian housing conditions dataset: technical report

The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (AHCD) responds to a pressing need for a reliable and up-to-date housing conditions data infrastructure. This initial wave is focused on New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. However, additional work to build upon, adapt and apply the AHCD research...

A low carbon living spatial data hub

This scoping project sits across two of the three program areas of the CRC. It aims to assess the scope for developing an integrated building level and cadastrally organised relational database and analysis capacity to link the full range of geo-coded data which will be...

Inquiry into increasing affordable housing supply: evidence-based principles and strategies for Australian policy and practice

This study examined the range of strategies and initiatives governments have used to leverage affordable housing supply across the continuum of housing needs (i.e. from social housing to affordable rental and home ownership) in a constrained funding and increasingly market-driven context, across a range of...