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We need to do more about sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment at work is extremely common. In fact some studies suggest that most women will experience some type of sexual harassment during their working lives. A range of behaviours may constitute sexual harassment at work, and these same behaviours can be construed differently in...

National survey of Australian secondary students and sexual health 2018

This survey is a national study exploring the sexual health and well-being of Australian adolescents. The anonymous survey asks questions about knowledge, behaviour and educational experiences related to sexual health and well-being. The Commonwealth Department of Health-funded study has been conducted approximately every five years...

Intersex: stories and statistics from Australia

Drawing on stories and statistics from the first national study of intersex, this book argues for a distinct framework to address intersex issues and identity, foregrounding people with intersex variations’ own goals, perspectives and experiences.
Discussion paper

Legally coerced treatment for drug using offenders: ethical and policy issues

The bulletin briefly summarises the case for legally coerced drug treatment, describes the different approaches that have been used to implement it, discusses the ethical issues raised by different types of legally coerced drug treatment, and summarises the evidence on the effectiveness of community-based drug...
Journal article

Assessing the impact of prescribed medicines on health outcomes

This paper reviews methods that can be used to assess the impact of medicine use on population health outcomes. In the absence of a gold standard, Wayne D Hall and Jayne Lucke argue that a convergence of evidence from different types of studies using multiple...

Reproductive health: findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health

Drawing on a major survey of Australian women conducted over time, this report examines contraception, women’s aspirations for motherhood, reproductive histories, problems with fertility and related treatment and advice-seeking behaviour, maternal health and wellbeing, and participation in the paid workforce.