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Submission by the New Zealand Initiative on the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill

This New Zealand Initiative submission recommends that the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill should not proceed until parliamentary debate can be informed by a competent official assessment of its likely net benefits (or costs) for New Zealanders.

Who guards the guards? Regulatory governance in New Zealand

This study draws on detailed survey-based information from business about the performance of New Zealand’s key regulators. The authors conclude from the responses that the (non-executive) board model of governance needs to be more widely adopted, particularly for corporate cops with an economy-wide beat.
Policy report

Work in progress: why Fair Pay Agreements would be bad for labour

In this report, The New Zealand Initiative makes a case against reintroducing compulsory collective bargaining as proposed by the Fair Pay Agreement Working Group and endorsed by the Coalition Government. They do so in cogent and detailed form, relating the practice of such a payfixing...

Nothing costs nothing: why unjustified dismissal procedures should not apply to the highly paid

This document tells the history of New Zealand’s unjustified dismissal provisions and explains their effect. It also outlines the economic case for narrowing the application of unjustified dismissal rules and recommends amendments to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA).

Roadmap for recovery: briefing to the incoming government

New Zealand faces its worst recession in nearly a century. Unfortunately, the economic response to the challenges of Covid-19 leaves much to be desired. Most new policy initiatives proposed in the run-up to the 2020 general election range from trivial at best to economic sabotage...

Reassessing the regulators: the good, the bad and the Commerce Commission

Regulators should, at times, be unpopular. After all, it is their task to regulate. Nobody wants regulators who are captured by those they are tasked with policing. This report carries valuable advice for any government seeking to strengthen the nation’s regulatory systems.