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EMI to Offer DRM-free digital music

The EMI Group has announced that it will begin to offer DRM-free music downloads. Eric Nicoli, CEO of the music industry giant, was joined by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, as they addressed an issue that has been of great public interest and concern.

The future of the net

WEBCAST / MIT Media Lab professor Judith Donath, Berkman fellow Gene Koo, visiting assistant professor at Northeastern School of Law Wendy Seltzer, and Berkman co-founder Jonathan Zittrain discuss their visions of the net ten years from now.

Media re:public: news and information as digital media come of age

The transformation of the media world is well underway, facilitated by the spread of digital tools. A myriad of innovative new media organizations have sprung up to take advantage of the opportunities that stem from low-cost distribution networks. Meanwhile the economic base of many of...

Breaking down digital barriers: when and how ICT interoperability drives innovation

Private sector leadership, more so than government intervention, is the optimal method for ensuring that technologies work well together and innovation flourishes according to this report. The authors found that interoperability is generally good for consumers and drives innovation, but determined that there is no...