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Money in retirement: more than enough

Grattan Institute modelling shows that, even after allowing for inflation, most workers today can expect a retirement income of at least 91% of their pre-retirement income – well above the 70% benchmark endorsed by the OECD, and more than enough to maintain pre-retirement living standards.

State Orange Book 2018: policy priorities for states and territories

State and territory governments can do more to improve the lives of Australians. The State Orange Book 2018 shows that outcomes vary between states across a broad range of areas. In many cases, states are different because their governments adopted better policies.

The 10 numbers Australian governments need to change

In his address at the Adelaide Ideas Festival John Daley argues that the first thing we must get right is to put a value on the long-term. And to make sure the important things happen, we may need to select fewer priorities for change. The...

Restructuring the Australian economy to emit less carbon: main report

The Australian debate on carbon pricing has been dominated by concerns that Australia might lose industry and jobs offshore if it has a carbon price when competitor countries do not. If Australian production moves to countries with higher emissions, this would defeat the purpose of...

Markets to reduce pollution: cheaper than expected

Technology innovation is the key to reducing carbon emissions cheaply, according to this report based on the experience of six pollution pricing schemes in Australia and overseas. In each case, costs to reduce pollution, and actual prices, were much lower than governments and their experts...

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019: policy priorities for the federal government

This report rates Australia’s performance against similar countries and proposes policy reforms for schools and universities, hospitals and housing, roads and railways, cities and regions, budgets and taxes, retirement incomes, and climate change.

The real cost of carbon pricing

Carbon pricing will mean real changes to parts of the Australian economy, write John Daley and Tristan Edis in Inside Story, but its impact on most industries will be small.

Infrastructure choices: evaluation and politics

This presentation demonstrates that elections are increasingly about big transport infrastructure ‘announceables.’ But these election promises are usually driven by politics more than evidence. They don’t show much influence from the advice of independent expert bodies, and are often made well before business cases have...

Prioritising a government’s agenda

This paper argues that Australian governments would be better at policy reform if they prioritised their agenda better. The report suggests that governments should look for the reforms that will make more of a difference while minimising the political cost. This means assessing both the...

Critiquing government regional development policies

Australian governments are under constant pressure to intervene to support the economies of particular regions, particularly those that grow more slowly. The most prominent recent example is the Commonwealth Government’s “Commitment to Regional Australia” in September 2010 1 that promised $10b over eight years, partly...