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Social mix at Nightingale Village

Social mix, by including social housing tenures in private developments, is a widely used mechanism for improving access to social housing. Yet there is little evidence about its benefits despite growing interest in mechanisms such as inclusionary zoning. This report delivers a baseline of practitioner...
Conference paper

Exploring narratives of the 'good life' in the North Australian town of Broome

This paper emphasises the need for a more ethnographically and empirically informed re-imagining of what it is to live a ‘good life’. It focuses on Broome, a north Australian town in the Kimberley that has a rich polyethnic history.
Conference paper

From rhetoric to actuality: researching “access” and “inclusion” in one Australian city

National legislation requires Australian cities to be accessible and inclusive. Focussing on Geelong in Victoria, this paper focuses on how best to theorise those with lived experiences of disability understand Geelong and considers how this city has met this challenge through its various plans.

Understanding the assumptions and impacts of the Victorian Public Housing Renewal Program

This report, evaluating the Victorian government’s program to redevelop inner suburban public housing estates, says the plan may reduce the amount of homes available for vulnerable households.