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A clean energy future for whom?

In Inside Story, Fergus Green unpacks the carbon pricing package to discover a tension between fundamentally different visions for the future of Australia’s economy and environment.
Discussion paper

Fossil fuel free zones

This discussion paper explores how Fossil Fuel Free Zones (FFFZs) could contribute to action on climate change.

Ghosts of politicians past

As the latest carbon price package makes its way through parliament, Fergus Green in Inside Story takes a trip down memory lane.

Will the price be right?

With the date for a carbon price mechanism now set, Fergus Green goes in search of the missing philosophy behind Australian climate policy.

Australia, China and the new carbon climate

As the dust settles after the US–China climate announcement and Australia’s G20 climate debacle, a closer look at the Abbott government’s approach to international cooperation on climate change and economic prosperity AUSTRALIA was once widely regarded as a nation that “punched above its weight” in...

Europe, Australia and the slow death of carbon trading

WITH last week’s federal budget slashing the forecast revenue from Australia’s carbon pricing scheme for the second half of this decade, it’s a good time to have a closer look at the Gillard government’s decision to link the scheme with its embattled European counterpart from...