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Lean-driven passenger experience design

In the contemporary agenda of airport design, good spatial design is fundamental to properly and efficiently manage boarding and disembarking processes. It contributes to the Passenger Experience and social sustainability of the terminal itself. This correlates with higher satisfaction levels from the passenger experience. By...
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A Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) analysis of a meta-project production system in renovation projects

The Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) model is a novel approach to understanding the elements that impact production systems in the world of construction. Building on prior work such as the "Transformation-Flow-Value" (TFV) theory, the PPO model adds a multi- and meta-project view through its consideration of the...
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Optimized installation flow: A strategy for substantial cycle time reduction

Industrial system infrastructure installations, such as those in semiconductor fabrication plants, are complex, short-term and mission-critical. Our strategy, called Optimized Installation Flow (OIF), builds on lean and associated theories in the realm of production planning and control, synthesizing a method with seven principles, and can...