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Online video in Australia: exploring audiovisual fiction sites

This report is about the growth of online video between 2010 and 2011. Three main measures were used: (1) the size of the 'unique Australian audience' visiting each site each month; (2) the total amount of time ('total minutes') spent on each site by these...

Digital Media Research Centre submission to the Supporting Australian stories on our screens options paper

This submission to the Supporting Australian Stories on Our Screens options paper has been prepared by staff from the Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology.
Report collection

Australian cultural and creative activity: a population and hotspot analysis

The creative industries, while not well recognised as such, are strong contributors to local economies. This collection of reports focuses upon a number of specific regions around Australia.
Working paper

Australian Television Drama Index, 1999-2019

This paper examines changes in the production and commissioning of Australian television drama from 1999–2019, a period marked by notable changes in the business of television in Australia and globally.

Gold Coast independent screen production

The Gold Coast City Council commissioned this study to investigate independent screen production activity and capacity in the City of Gold Coast. The study focuses on the activities of screen workers who live and work on the Gold Coast, or those who may live outside...

'Creative Hotspots' in the regions: key thematic insights and findings from across Australia

This publication outlines the findings from the 'Creative Hotspots' project, which investigated the contemporary dynamics of cultural and creative activity in largely regional and non-capital cities and towns across Australia before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Cinema in Australia - an industry profile

This paper argues that cinema's place in the media and entertainment economy is being challenged.
Conference paper

The concentration of media ownership in Australia- from the media moguls to the money men?

It is well known that Australia has one of the highest concentrations of media ownership in the world. One is entitled to ask why this matters. The answers are several; some universal and others particular to the Australian setting. It is generally thought that liberal...
Conference paper

Broadcasting: Turning audiences into consumers

In its April 2008 Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework, the Productivity Commission identified problems with the coverage of the various schemes for handling consumer complaints about communications services. It raised a number of longer-term possibilities, including 'a single consumer entry point for communications services...