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Rural-remote and Indigenous local government program: capacity building survey

The objective of this survey was to explore the issues surrounding capacity building in rural‐remote and indigenous councils. This survey was distributed to the Chief Executive Officers of councils in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia that have been identified as rural, remote, indigenous. This...

Profile of the local government workforce 2014 report

Local government is a significant employer in Australia—particularly in regional areas—offering opportunities for employment across a wide range of occupations. This report on the profile of the local government workforce has been written to support the National Workforce Strategy developed for the Australian Centre of...

Legal and governance models for shared services in local government: interim report

This paper, prepared for ACELG by David Somerville and Melissa Gibbs, investigates models of shared services delivery. Available legal options and models actually in use vary greatly across Australia. This report provides a summary of those options, illustrated by five case studies.