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The role of slack in standardized work in construction: An exploratory study

While some studies have addressed the key elements of standardized work (SW), the role played by the concept of slack as a fundamental element of operations design is rarely discussed in an explicit way. Considering the context of the construction industry, the aim of this...
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Removing waste while preserving slack: The lean and complexity perspectives

In complex socio-technical systems such as construction projects, the lean emphasis on waste reduction can contribute to the depletion of necessary slack for managing unexpected variability. This risk is amplified by the absence of a solid lean theory on slack and on how to manage...
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Influence of the built environment on patient safety and well-being: a functional perspective

In healthcare facilities, patient safety and well-being are known to be influenced by the built environment (BE). However, mechanisms linking BE to patient safety and wellbeing are not well-understood, which hinders the prevention and mitigation of undesired outcomes.
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Chain of wastes: the moderating role of making-do

This study presents an application of the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) for the modelling of a chain of wastes.