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Briefing paper

Quantum technology and Victoria

Quantum physics and technology are important frontiers in scientific research and development. This paper provides a snapshot of how the technology is currently being developed
Briefing paper

Visualising the population impacts of COVID-19 in Victoria

One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 crisis so far has been a sudden reduction in Victoria's population. This paper explores the implications of the crisis in an historical perspective. It provides estimates of the impacts on different electorates and develops a cluster analysis...

Inflation and the cost of living: policy debates and practices

This paper examines some of the reasons why governments approach inflation the way they do and surveys some recent contributions to the policy debate.

Visualising Victoria's electoral history

This paper provides an outline of some of the main electoral and political changes in Victoria since the 1850s. It combines historical sources with computational data analysis and visualisation techniques to illustrate patterns in Victoria’s electoral and party systems.