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“On private land we’re fighting a losing battle”: local government officer perspectives on urban forest management in the private realm

This paper reports on a survey of local government urban forest professionals across Australia conducted in July 2020. Focusing on qualitative data from Likert scale and open-ended questions the authors interrogate the barriers and potential enablers to improved urban forest management on private land.

'Not a lot of people read the stuff': how planning defies good theory

Research into the way cities do – or do not – work can make a critical contribution to urban policy and practice. Yet this research finds that urban policy practitioners rarely engage with applied urban research outputs. This is despite practitioners identifying research as an...

Implementing sustainability in the built environment

This project analysed the role of building and planning policy and regulations in delivering sustainable buildings and cities. It reviews policy and best practice, analyses VCAT data and cases, and draws on focus group results.
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Sustainable or Status-quo: investigating sustainability assessment of residential estate development

Urban fringe residential estates continue to dominate the residential development sector in Australia. Several practice based sustainability assessment tools have recently been developed which acknowledge the impacts of such developments and attempt to improve outcomes. This paper examines how sustainability principles and concepts are presented...

Facilitating professional engagement with planning research

The context for this project is the limited connectivity between applied planning research and professional planning practice. The planning profession, by its very nature, is continually developing plans, policies and strategies to guide place-based management and development. An assumption guiding the research is that sound...

Resident third party objections and appeals against planning applications: implications for medium density and social housing

This project examined two models of public engagement in planning approval processes—Third Party Objection and Appeal Rights (TPOAR) and fast tracked planning (e.g. used as part of approving developments funded under the Nation Building Stimulus Package)—to see how they impact on housing supply (especially higher-density...
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Impact of monetary costs on citizen appeals of planning decisions

Using data from VCAT’s registry from July 2012 to June 2014, this paper examines the role of direct costs in influencing planning participation by both planning applicants and objectors across the Melbourne metropolitan area.
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Spinning the wheel: examining decision making process and outcomes in development assessment

An increased emphasis on consolidated city policies has heightened development pressure on existing urban areas. This has occurred alongside increased resident resistance to development. This paper examines in detail the determinations of decision makers in the development assessment process.
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Strategic land use capacity in Melbourne

This paper presents a comprehensive metropolitan-wide method and model for determining potential land supply in Melbourne.
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Ecological footprint as an assessment tool for urban development

This paper considers an Ecological Footprint analysis of Aurora, a new residential estate in Melbourne’s north. The estate is being developed by VicUrban, with the expressed aim of creating a new benchmark in sustainable urban development.