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Boosting retirement incomes the easy way: extending the Pension Loan Scheme to all retirees

This paper suggests a modification to the Pension Loan Scheme intended to help boost the retirement incomes of a large number of current retirees. Summary The Australian government is currently willing to boost the retirement incomes of wealthy Australians by providing low cost ‘reverse mortgages’...

Leading by degrees: universities and fossil fuel divestment

This survey data finds broad support for universities investing ethically, and for the idea that universities should avoid fossil fuel investments. Overview This report begins by outlining the fast growing campus divestment movement, globally and in Australia, and explores the debate about the ‘moral university’...

University deregulation - polling brief

In July 2015 The Australia Institute conducted a national opinion poll of 1408 people through Research Now. Respondents were selected to produce a representative sample based on gender, age and state.The survey asked about the government’s higher education policy and about opinions on Australia’s universities...
Briefing paper

Carmichael in context

Summary: The Australian government has recently approved Adani’s Carmichael coal project. If built, it would be the biggest coal mine in Australia. This briefing note puts the vast scale of Carmichael into context. The mine pits themselves would be 40km long and 10km wide, bigger...
Discussion paper

Gas fired backfire

This paper argues that subsidising the gas industry is a very poor option for stimulus and recovery spending. It would provide few jobs and would not bring down energy prices. The authors believe that there are many electrical alternatives to gas for manufacturing that are...
Briefing paper

Emissions from onshore gas in Victoria

This research shows that the Victorian government’s key report used to approve onshore gas mining appears to have underestimated the greenhouse gas emissions from new sites by up to 88%.
Discussion paper

Out of season

This analysis uses Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data to track changes in daily temperatures that mark the beginning of each season over the sub-tropical and temperate parts of the country where most Australians live.

All it’s fracked up to be

This analysis shows Northen Territory (NT) fracking emissions under the NT Government’s own fracking inquiry’s high production scenario would be worse than the emissions of Australia’s coal fleet across the National Energy Market (NEM) in 2030, and require more offsets each year than have ever...

Under the employer’s eye: electronic monitoring and surveillance in Australian workplaces

This special report looks at the use of digital surveillance and monitoring in Australian workplaces. 70% of respondents said their employers use at least one form of digital surveillance or monitoring, including cameras, GPS tracking, monitoring internet or social media activity or counting keystrokes, to...

Excessive hours and unpaid overtime: 2018 update

This year's annual ‘Go Home On Time Day’ report estimates that Australian employees will work 3.2 billion hours of unpaid overtime for their employers this year, worth an estimated $106 billion in foregone wages.