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Can Australia afford nuclear propelled submarines? Can we afford not to?

This paper advocates early consideration of all aspects of a transition to nuclear propulsion for Australia's submarines, based on compelling strategic and submarine capability arguments. While a nuclear-powered submarine force would provide strategic advantages, some quite formidable challenges would need to be overcome to add...

Why Australia should build its own submarines

This paper considers the design and build of Australia’s future submarine. Overview Submarines are a critical strategic capability for the uncertain times ahead. This paper considers the design and build of Australia’s future submarine including the possible acquisition of Japanese submarines by Australia to replace...

Japan versus Europe: the quest to build Australia's future submarine

Overview The building of Australia’s fleet of future submarines is likely to be the largest defence program in this country’s history. It will cost tens of billions of dollars and will run for decades. So it’s little wonder that it’s a recurring topic of interest...

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia: solutions to address the skills shortage in the short, medium, and long term

Australia is experiencing perhaps its greatest-ever engineering skills shortage. Engineers Australia has been working to understand the engineering workforce and the factors that influence supply and demand. This report outlines some of the initiatives that could be implemented to strengthen the engineering workforce in Australia.

Australia’s future submarine: an explainer

This paper endeavours to identify the principal factors that need to be identified and addressed if Australia is to pursue the nuclear propulsion option for its next generation submarines. The author argues that Australia has the capacity to manage these issues, even if it cannot...