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China’s new 2019 Defense White Paper: an open strategic challenge to the United States, but one which does not have to lead to conflict

China’s National Defense in the New Era flags the fact that America and China are now competing superpowers, and that China’s growing military forces are developing to the point where they will be able to challenge the United States.
Working paper

U.S. strategy—strategic triage and the true cost of war: supporting enduring commitments versus “endless wars”

This paper updates the assessments of the cost of the Afghan and Iraq/Syria Wars, and highlights how these costs have been cut through major changes in the nature of U.S. ground forces and air commitments. It also highlights the affordability and present size of U.S...
Draft report

The Biden Administration’s security challenges in the Gulf

The U.S. needs to make fundamental changes to its security efforts in the Persian/Arab Gulf and the Middle East. In this document, the author discusses the wide range of options available to the U.S, and how it can make progress in many areas in relation...
Draft report

China and the United States: cooperation, competition, and/or conflict

This report is an experimental net assessment that addresses China's emergence as a global superpower, and its competition with the United States.

Transition in Afghanistan: losing the forgotten war?

Focuses on the lessons to be learned from the US experience in Afghanistan to date, and the problems Afghanistan faces now that most US and allied combat forces have left.