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National consumer protection framework for online wagering: baseline study - final report

The aim of this study was to establish base levels of online wagering involvement, the prevalence of risky gambling behaviour, and levels of online wagering consumer harm, ahead of the full implementation of the National Framework. The baseline study sets a benchmark to inform future...

Gambling in suburban Australia

This report presents a novel mixed-methods study of a social phenomenon that has not yet been well explored: the relationships between place, social circumstances, gambling and harm. It compares two socially distinct areas of a major city (Melbourne, Victoria) to identify a range of issues...

Review of electronic gaming machine pre-commitment features: transaction history statements

This report synthesises existing evidence and opinions from regulators, academics, government officials and electronic gaming machines (EGM) venue operators relating to the optimum design of transaction history statement features within an EGM pre-commitment system in order to increase consumer protection and reduce harm.

Review of electronic gaming machine pre-commitment features: self-exclusion

This report is one of a set of three, and focuses on the option of self-exclusion - systems and technology that allow concerned gamblers to bar themselves from venues.

Review of electronic gaming machine pre-commitment features: limit setting

Gambling is a popular activity in Australia, but can result in problems for a significant minority. In response, the Australian Government has commissioned the Australian Institute of Family Studies to investigate 'pre-commitment' options for electronic gaming machines. This report is one of a set of...

Evaluation of a pilot of legally assisted and supported family dispute resolution in family violence cases

Evidence of the prevalence of a history of past and/or current family violence among separated parents, and the presence of ongoing safety concerns for themselves and their children as a result of ongoing contact with the other parent, has created an impetus for the family...

Australian gambling research priorities: summary findings from consultations conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre

This paper on gambling research priorities is intended to assist researchers and policy makers to develop research focused on improving the short- and long-term health and wellbeing of Australians who gamble and who are affected by gambling. Overview
Technical report

Communication needs and the Australian gambling field

Effective frameworks for communication can bridge gaps between research, clinical practice, and policy. The gambling sector in Australia comprises a number of stakeholder groups with diverse interests, objectives, and professional skills and resources. The diversity of the sector can present challenges in developing communication strategies...

The relationship between gambling and intimate partner violence against women

This qualitative study investigated the relationship between gambling and violence by men against their female intimate partners. It also found that further gambling-related harm (including economic abuse) is enabled by current protocols of gambling operators and financial institutions.