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Built on good fortune, relying on luck

To deliver tax cuts and budget surpluses, Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, will need to stay lucky.

Time for the federal government to catch up on political donations reform

While the states are making improvements to their political donations laws and practices, Canberra still has a long way to go.

The real story of Labor's dividend imputation reforms

Grattan Institute researchers, Brendan Coates and Danielle Wood, outline who wins and who loses from Labor’s hotly debated tax policy.

Why the federal government’s new integrity commission isn’t up to the job

Corrupt politicians and public servants will be under the spotlight of the new federal corruption watchdog. But if its proposed powers are any clue, it will have neither bark nor bite. Here's why.

How federal politicians can regain their integrity

Australians are losing faith in politicians, politics and even democracy itself — and is it any wonder? Another day, another political scandal. Today it’s One Nation caught apparently soliciting donations from the American gun lobby. What will it be tomorrow?

Your income tax questions answered in three easy charts: Labor and Coalition proposals side by side

Despite the hype, the personal income tax system will look pretty similar for the next three years regardless of which party wins office.
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The gap: why Australian women earn millions less

There’s a vast gap between the projected lifetime earnings of the average Australian man with kids, compared with the projected earnings of the average Australian woman with kids. The gap is about two million dollars.

Women are dropping out of economics, which means men are running our economy

If I ask you to picture an economist, what’s the first image that comes to your mind? I’m guessing it’s a man, probably with grey hair, a suit and a certain air of authority. And that’s not surprising: that is pretty much the public face...

The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now

This publication is a policy and strategy blueprint for federal, state and territory governments, including for hospitals and health care, schools and universities, roads and trains, budgets and energy.

Cheaper childcare: a practical plan to boost female workforce participation

Increasing female workforce participation is one of the biggest economic opportunities for governments. This report identifies a range of policy and social barriers facing women who would prefer to work more paid hours.