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Working with integrity

Integrity reform is essential to building and sustaining trust in the Victorian Department of Education and Training, and its stewardship of public education.
Annual Report

Department of Education and Training: annual report 2015-2016

There is arguably no greater value produced in Victoria than that created through our education system. From early childhood learning and development, through our school system and into post-secondary education, Victorians have long valued education. As it has been said – at its best, education...

Skills and jobs in the education state: the government's response to the VET funding review

The Government has outlined its vision for training in the Education State, with the publication of the VET Funding Review and the Government’s Response, Skills and Jobs in the Education State. The independent VET Funding Review was established in February 2015 to help Government develop...

Victorian training market report: 2015 half year

Provides details about how many people are in government funded training, what they are training in, where they are accessing training and whether training provision is responding to employer’s skill needs. Introduction Vocational education and training plays a significant role in helping people move into...
Briefing paper

Department of Education & Training: strategic planning

The Department of Education & Training (DET) is responsible for providing an effective, efficient and accessible birth-to-adulthood learning and development system that supports students and service providers across Victoria. Its 10-year goal is to become a world leader in learning and development. DET is also...

Review of quality assurance in Victoria's VET system: government response

Over recent years there have been growing industry and student concerns with the quality of training in Victoria. The Victorian Government made a commitment before the 2014 Victorian election to crack down on low quality VET providers and and introduce a more stable and sustainable...