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Briefing paper

Engaging clients in commissioning: what are the benefits?

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note supports us to understand how to involve clients in outcomes-based commissioning, and the impact this has on client outcomes.
Systematic review

Interventions in out-of-home care: an updated evidence and gap map

This report summarises the findings from an updated systematic search for high-quality evidence of the impact that different out-of-home care (OOHC) interventions have on particular child and youth outcomes. These have been mapped to create an evidence and gap map.
Research Summary

How do we prevent people leaving government services becoming homeless? An Evidence Check

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note identifies the risk factors that make some people transitioning from government services more likely to become homeless than others and effective interventions in reducing these risks.
Literature review

Foster carer attraction, recruitment, support and retention

This report aims to review the literature available on what works to help people to make the complicated choice to become a home-based carer, and on the evidence regarding retention of these carers for children in out-of-home care. Databases and sources of grey literature were...