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Australia’s proposed ‘Kyoto carryover’ - nature, scale, implications, legal issues and environmental integrity of the Paris Agreement

This report argues that given Australia's projections, it would almost certainly be best for Australia to openly acknowledge the challenges it faces in meeting its 2020 and 2030 Paris Agreement targets, and do its utmost to put in place policies and measures that can bend...
Discussion paper

Gambling on games: how video games expose children to gambling

The presence of gambling and gambling technologies in video games is widespread, pernicious and often hidden. This report identifies four different categories of gambling– gaming crossover, each of which poses different risks and may need to be addressed in different ways: immersive and addictive technologies...
Technical report

Inertia and system strength in the National Energy Market

This report has been prepared for the Australia Institute to provide advice to the Energy Security Board’s Post-2025 redesign of the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Fairer futures: financing global climate solutions

This report outlines a detailed roadmap showing how the Australian government can play its part in easing the burden on the world’s poorest communities now facing climate-fuelled disasters.

Switching off gas: an examination of declining gas demand in eastern Australia

Examines the future of domestic gas across the interconnected eastern-Australian gas market. Executive Summary Following on from our research into “domestic gas” demand specific to New South Wales, the University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) have examined the future of domestic gas across the entire...

A review of current and future methane emissions from Australian unconventional oil and gas production

Unmeasured methane leakage and fugitive emissions from unconventional gasfields could cause Australia to fail its Paris climate commitments. This report, commissioned by The Australia Institute, found that: Several major potential sources of methane emissions are assumed to be zero under Australia’s accounting and reporting of...

Falling short: Australia’s role in funding fairer climate action in a warming world

This report calls on the Australia government to increase its ambition on climate finance, emphasising progressive climate action as vital if Australia is to fulfil its duty as a wealthy country and major polluter. This includes supporting a Pacific Islands proposal for a standalone finance...

The dash from gas: could demand in New South Wales fall to half?

This paper argues that gas demand in New South Wales could fall to as much as half within ten years, meaning that gas investments being made now might never pay off.