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Conference paper

Regional microsimulation for improved service delivery in Australia: Centrelink's CuSP model

Centrelink has embarked on a Regional Microsimulation Modelling Project. The modelling work is being undertaken jointly with NATSEM. The purpose of the model under development, the Customer Service Projection (CuSP) Model, is to provide a tool that will assist decision-making through short to medium-term projection...

Every suburb, every town: poverty in Victoria

VCOSS and NATSEM have launched this major report and online mapping project, providing new data and analysis. Poverty data for Victoria has been broken down, allowing policy makers to better target the needs of people in different places.

Child social exclusion, poverty and disadvantage in Australia

This report analyses the 2016 Census and other data using the Child Social Exclusion Index, to provide insight into the perspectives of children experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion in Australia.