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Blog post

The Tomorrow’s Schools Taskforce report (Part 1 of 4): the lack of debate

This piece begins a four-part series about the Tomorrow’s Schools Review Taskforce report released in December 2018 reviewing the administrative arrangements for New Zealand schooling over the last three decades.
Blog post

The Tomorrow’s Schools Taskforce report (Part 2 of 4): an opportunity missed

Second in a four-part series of articles about NZ's Tomorrow’s Schools Review, this post focuses on the ‘framing’ of the report – the underlying messages about the agenda, value system and goals that are evident in the introduction and summary sections of the report.
Conference paper

Alternative food networks and opportunities for transformation towards a sustainable and resilient urban food system

Food systems are suffering from pressures related to population growth, increased urbanisation, climate change, and resource scarcity. These pressures are exacerbated by globalisation, with consumers concentrated in urban areas while producers are dispersed across rural areas that are often remote or even in different countries...

The relationship between alcohol outlets and harm

This research examines the relationship between alcohol outlets and social harm. The analysis uses a longitudinal panel data set for the period 2007-2014 covering all of New Zealand.
Conference paper

Recounting food banking: a paradox of counterproductive growth

The meteoric rise of food bank use in times of prosperity leads us to argue that food banks are institutionalised within New Zealand society with texts reflecting civic, market and domestic discourses. Abstract The meteoric rise of food bank use in times of prosperity leads...

Defying the odds: gifted and talented young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Abstract: The aim of this study was to explore the lived experiences of gifted and talented New Zealand young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, with an emphasis on risk and protective processes that might foster resilience. Ninety-three young people between the ages of 17 and...

What (actually) matters in literacy education: contributions from community psychology

Introduction: This paper describes the critical role community psychology theories played in reframing literacy research involving mainly Māori and Pacific peoples’ extended families and communities. Within a critical social constructionist paradigm, ecological systems theory and holistic, integrative theories of wellbeing brought much-needed new thinking to...

‘It’s been a long hard fight for me’: the stolen generations and narratives of poor health in Australia 1883-2009

Health, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), can be defined as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Using this definition of health, and others, as guiding principles, this thesis takes a thematic...
Conference paper

Building connections: professional online presence and learning networks

The focus of this paper is on social media in teacher education in relation to the use of social media for building a professional online presence and learning network. This paper relates experience and insights drawn from my own work as a teacher educator experimenting...