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How does the budget affect us? Independent modelling of Federal Budget 2018-19

On Tuesday 8 May 2018, the Australian government unveiled its budget proposal and associated vision for policy priorities. NATSEM independently modelled some selected budget measures, including the multi-step tax reform, reverted medicare levy increase and more. This brochure briefly reports some of the findings.
Policy report

How does the budget affect us? Independent modelling of the Federal Budget 2019-20

This NATSEM analysis finds that given the wide range of tax changes and the energy payment, nearly 85% of Australian families will be affected by at least one measure of the tax and transfer policy changes, and nearly 90% of the population.

Modern family: the changing shape of Australian families

More than half a million or one in four Australian households now have a female as their major breadwinner - 140,000 more households that 10 years ago. The proportion of families with both parents working has risen dramatically, with 58 per cent of all 'couple...

NSW hospitals: are they 'pro-rich' or 'pro-poor'?

In this paper presented to the Health Outcomes 2003 Conference, the authors examine whether the average cost of treating patients changes in line with variations in their socioeconomic status. Given concerns about ever increasing government health spending and the distributional impact of such spending, this...