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Partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research

The booklet supports the objectives of the National Innovation and Science Agenda's 'Global Innovation Strategy' by encouraging Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with international counterparts and leverage opportunities and expertise to gain access to global markets.
Discussion paper

The digital economy: opening up the conversation

The Australian government has announced it will develop a national Digital Economy Strategy, which will focus on ways that governments, businesses and the community can adjust to seize the benefits of digital transformation.

National resources statement

This strategy document outlines the Australian government’s policy and long-term reform agenda for the Australian resources sector.

Australia's tech future

This report sets out the opportunities and the challenges in maximising the benefits that a digital economy can bring. It highlights the work already happening across government and identifies further actions required to ensure all Australians can thrive in a global digital economy.

A guide to the right engagement

This guide is designed to assist the Australian Public Service (APS) in choosing the right engagement for the problem at hand. It is made up of two components: the Diagnostic and Catalogue.

Advancing Women in STEM

The government’s strategy for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) aims to increase gender equity in STEM education and careers.

Statement of principles for Australian innovation precincts

This statement provides a guide for developing innovation precincts across Australia. The statement was developed in collaboration with a committee of advisors from industry, universities and state and territory governments.

Australia’s critical minerals strategy

Global demand for Australian resources has broadened in recent years to include minerals used in a range of emerging high-tech applications, across a variety of sectors. This strategy outlines the Australian government’s policy framework for the critical minerals market.

Chemicals business checklist: a tool to help those working with chemicals

Australian governments through the Standing Committee on Chemicals have developed an industry tool that will provide guidance to small and large enterprises in Australia to start and grow chemicals and plastics businesses. The Chemicals Business Checklist is the result of collaboration between industry and different...

Our north, our future: white paper on developing Northern Australia

The White Paper is a vision to unlock the great potential and opportunities of the north. It focuses on building priority roads, developing water resources, removing red tape, building a sustainable workforce and ensuring effective governance arrangements.