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Wellbeing budget 2021: securing our recovery

This document is the main source of budget information. It sets out the New Zealand government's priorities for the budget, the approach taken to develop it, and a summary of all initiatives included in Budget 2021. It also contains reports on fiscal strategy and child...

Economic plan: for a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy

This plan identifies eight key shifts and policy action related to each shift that will tackle the long-term challenges facing the New Zealand economy. They signal the government's goal to balance outcomes across financial, human, natural and social capital, and will act as an overarching...

Construction Sector Accord: a shared commitment between government and industry to transform the construction sector

The Construction Sector Accord aims to strengthen the partnership between government and industry and be a catalyst to transform the construction sector for the benefit of all New Zealanders.
Discussion paper

New Zealand’s Future Natural Disaster Insurance Scheme: discussion paper

New Zealand is a seismically active country. Our communities are exposed to the perils that come with this, namely earthquakes, volcanic and hydrothermal activity and tsunami. We also regularly suffer from landslips, storms and floods as a result of our weather and geography. When these...

NZGOAL Software Extension

These are the official New Zealand Government guidelines to provide clarity on how government agencies can make their software open source. Government agencies invest significantly in software development and often own the copyright in the software that they develop or that is developed for them...