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Power to the people: proposals to increase the rollout of community batteries

In our efforts to combat climate change, a major challenge remains - how best to store excess electricity generated by rooftop solar for use when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing? This report explores the option of developing community batteries as a...
Policy report

Why reform of the Child Care Subsidy would strengthen Australia’s economy

In this report, the McKell Institute advocates for a universal Child Care Subsidy, and evaluates the Working Family Child Care Boost announced by Federal Labor Leader, Anthony Albanese, in his budget reply speech of 8 October 2020.
Briefing paper

Economic records don’t match the election rhetoric: data brief

Economic management is a feature of all election campaigns, but key claims made to date do not stack up. This paper explores claims about wages growth and tax by the Morrison Government, finding inconsistencies between its arguments and its record.

Funding rare disease therapies in Australia: ensuring equitable access to health care for all Australians

This report argues that Australia’s system for funding new therapies that treat rare diseases is in need of reform.

Pipe dreams: reducing the cost of public infrastructure in Australia

More investment in infrastructure is required to ensure the needs of a growing Australian population are met. While some commentators lament the ‘lost decade’ of infrastructure development in Australia, there remain significant opportunities to invest and expand our infrastructure networks across the country. With the...

Working, learning: better supporting Victorian apprentices on the job

This report argues that the Victorian government must ensure that its entire system of apprenticeship support – from training to incentives to workplace settings – is encouraging more Victorians to begin an apprenticeship, and more importantly, to continue to see out their training until completion.

Unfounded and unfair: an analysis of the Building and Construction Code (2014)

The Building and Construction Industry Code 2014 (the 2014 Code) will come into effect with the passing of the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2014, which was first proposed under the Abbott Coalition Government and subsequently prosecuted by the Turnbull Coalition Government.