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Sound travels: Ernest Kaleihoku Kaai and the transmission of Hawaiian music in the early twentieth century

Sound Travels constructs a biographical narrative of musician, musical director, showman and entrepreneur Ernest Kaleihoku Kaai (b. Honolulu 1881 – d. Florida 1962). It takes into account the extent of his musical practice and the scale of his touring in the Asia Pacific region at...

Victims should be front and centre in the response to men using violence

In this essay, the author critiques some of the findings from the Sixth Report of the New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee and provides some recommendations for policymakers.

A law and development perspective on services liberalisation in the Pacific Island countries with particular reference to tourism

Pacific island governments embraced the concept of reciprocal free trade agreements in the late 1990s in response to shifts in their historical relationships with their major donors and the ascendancy of neoliberal globalisation as the dominant model of development. Since then, they have placed a...
Literature review

Family violence initiatives and Pacific men: literature review

This report provides a literature review to identify existing family violence initiatives that specifically target men to improve their health and overall wellbeing.

Population structure and dispersal of the spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus) across the Indo-West Pacific

Panulirus ornatus is a highly-valued tropical spiny lobster species with an extensive Indo- West Pacific distribution, ranging from the east coast of Africa through to the central Pacific Islands. The species is intensively fished throughout its range to supply a rapidly growing Asian seafood market...

Was earth created good?: reappraising earth in Gen. 1:1-2:4a from a Samoan gafataulima perspective

This thesis offers a reappraisal of Earth as presented in Gen. 1:1-2:4a from a Samoan gafataulima (accomplish/fulfil/capable) hermeneutical perspective. The inspiration for the study arose out of a personal dilemma concerning my religious beliefs and the reality that I am experiencing in the world today...

Enhancing larval survival and re-introduction techniques for Tridacnidae (giant clams): Reversing a path toward extinction

Mariculture interest in the Tridacnidae family of giant clams has increased in response to economic and nutritional opportunities, but also in response to increasing reports of local extinctions as a result of over-harvesting, pollution, and habitat degradation. Key impediments to culturing giant clams for stock...

I Yau Vakaviti: Fijian treasures in international museums – a study of repatriation, ownership and cultural rights

Pacific islands artifacts and imageries have had a strong appeal to the popular imagination of the West over the years. However, in recent years the question of ownership of intellectual property rights has emerged as many indigenous groups around the world call for the repatriation...

The Changing Roles of the Polynesian Paramount Chief

This thesis looks at chiefly Polynesian leadership in the 21st century. Since 2006, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands and Aotearoa have each experienced the loss of prominent chiefly leaders. In each of the cases, new leaders have risen to take the places of the recently...

Ki he lelei taha: Tālanoa mei he kaliloa of successful Tongan graduates

Tonga reputably has the highest per capita number of PhDs in the world; this indicates the high value placed on formal education by Tongans. At the same time, many Tongans, especially those living in New Zealand, are amongst those seen as ‘failures’ of the education...