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Russia-proofing your election

This report draws upon the experiences of other Western states that have faced active threats from Russian disinformation and the disruption of their democratic processes. Using the insights from these case studies, the report outlines tools that Canada can use to protect its elections and...

Countering China’s economic coercion

This report argues that Canada should be taking every measure available to diversify trade beyond China. Taiwan has been vigilantly doing so for years, and Canadians should take note of its efforts to achieve greater resilience against China’s economic coercion. It suggests that trade diversification...

Forgotten people and forgotten places: Canada’s economic performance in the age of populism

Donald Trump’s surprising election and the rise of populism in various other Western democracies is a salutary warning to Canadian policy-makers. It cannot be assumed that Canada is immune to these same forces. What are the causes of rising populism? What can policy-makers do to...
Discussion paper

Dealing with the new China: how Canada can reset its relations with Beijing

With Canada facing issues similar to what are currently occurring in Australia, this discussion piece argues for a new China strategy that stands up for Canada’s national integrity.

Protecting innocents in combat

This paper discusses the use of humans as shields - that is, the use of innocent civilians by terrorist groups and other actors, to shield military objects from attack. Using human shields is a war crime, but it is still pervasive and used with impunity...

How pandemic modelling failed policy-makers, and how to do better

The existing models for epidemics, which were used to trigger lockdowns around the globe in response to COVID-19, seem to have missed the mark in terms of predicting the spread of the virus and informing good public policy. But why did this happen, and how...

Not immune: exploring liability of authoritarian regimes for the COVID-19 pandemic and its cover-up

This publication examines the full extent to which authoritarian regimes like China and Iran are legally liable for the COVID-19 disaster, and what can be done to hold them accountable.

Moving beyond rhetoric: understanding the practical consequence of a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement

This paper makes the case that Canadian policy-makers may not fully appreciate the pitfalls of pursuing free trade with China.

Canadian terrorists by the numbers: an assessment of Canadians joining and supporting terrorist groups

With ISIS facing complete collapse, Canada is now forced to deal with an uncomfortable reality - there are Canadians who joined or supported terrorist movements who are going home or are already in the country. The report examines existing literature and data on European and...

The threat of digital foreign interference: past, present and future

This report explores how digital foreign interference (DFI) uses the Internet to create and proliferate disinformation and misinformation. It suggests that responding effectively to DFI will require a multifaceted and flexible approach, with Internet companies and social media firms set to be held accountable for...