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Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative

This report’s findings and recommendations were presented in Beijing directly, but privately, to a diverse group of Chinese policymakers, finance and development officials, scholars, and business leaders in March 2019, during preparations for the Second Belt and Road Forum (April 26–29).
Discussion paper

Strength in numbers: collaborative approaches to addressing concerns with China’s state-led economic model

The recommendations presented in this paper are based on two roundtable discussions the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) organised in October and December 2018, and on discussions with former and current U.S. and foreign government officials, business leaders, and policy experts.
Briefing paper

ASPI notes for the Biden Administration

This document is designed to offer creative and practical ideas for how the United States might re-engage in the Asia Pacific, particularly in the critical first six months of the new administration. The administration will immediately face a range of challenges and opportunities in this...
Policy report

Responding to trade coercion: a growing threat to the global trading system

As geopolitical tensions have increased in recent years, international trading relationships have become more politicised. Developed by an international group of eminent trade policy leaders, this paper outlines ten policy options – at the national, like-minded coalition and WTO levels – which can help governments...